A Mind Lost

Anything and everything.

First post!

First post on a blog.  So fresh, so clean and unsullied.  The desire to spill forth words that few, if any, will ever read fills me with an optimistic energy.

So, what does one say when one has nothing to say?  I know!  Link to a YouTube video!

Lately I’ve been listening to Hevy Devy a lot (lately means several years in this case).  Addicted! is the best album, from start to finish, that I’ve bought in years.  Yeah, you read that right, bought.  Suck it, RIAA!

Anyway, Devin’s a genius.  I’ve loved his voice since I first heard him on Steve Vai’s “Sex & Religion”, back in ’93, and then again in ’99 on a disc that I got with a metal magazine which included All Hail the New Flesh from No Sleep ’til Bedtime.  Sadly, by the time I’d “discovered” Strapping for real, they were in their death throes.

Now I’m eagerly awaiting Z2 and Deconstruction and hoping I’ll get the opportunity to see Devin live sometime.



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