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Clogging the Tubes

In the grand tradition of every other site on the Interwebs, I’m going to link to an article that links to an article.

In short, a west coast businessman believes that linking to another website makes one a publisher.  This is just so blatantly stupid it’s not even funny.

Things like this really drive home how much the Internet (specifically the web) has changed in the last fifteen years.  It makes me nostalgic and more than a little sad.  I miss the good old days when the ‘net was about exchanging information freely (and the occasional low-resolution GIF containing naked women or humorous imagery) rather than the almighty dollar.  I don’t, however, miss the remote shell over 14.4kbps dial-up.

I almost wish there was some sort of an Internet license, and much like a driver’s license, when one does something stupid or harmful they have their Internet license revoked.  Cut down on all the bad drivers on the Information Superhighway.  We could have a Computer Gestapo that people could turn their friends and family in to for various crimes against the Internet.  Ignorant people who blithely download every PowerPoint slideshow or archive, regardless of it’s origins.  People who purposely go in search of questionable content involving two females and one fluid containment device and instead end up with a computer so loaded down it runs worse than a P200.

Dream the impossible dream.

I just realized I haven’t seen or heard the phrase “information superhighway” in quite a while.  Does that make it a retro-cool phrase now?  Far out.


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