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OpenWatcom 1.9RC3

A new release candidate of my favourite compiler (a decade ago) is now available – OpenWatcom 1.9 RC 3.

I’ve been playing with the Watcom compiler since 1995’sh (v10.5) or so when a friend hooked me up with the 32-bit DOS parts of the C compiler.  I bought v11.0 in 1997 for $500.00 CDN, a hefty price-tag for a hobby coder.  Needless to say, I was quite disappointed when Sybase announced they had EOL’d the Watcom compilers.  Disappointment then turned to joy when I found out that Sybase was going to open the source code, which then turned to apathy during the interminable wait for the code.  Windows XP finally killed most of my interest in OpenWatcom, which had depended on my clinging to Windows 98SE and its virtual DOS machine.

I don’t follow the OpenWatcom newsgroup any more, but I still check every now and then for new releases.  For DOS code, there’s no better environment available, although some might argue in favour of DJGPP, a port of the GNU Compiler Collection to DOS (well, 32-bit protected mode extended DOS).

OpenWatcom still targets a ton of output formats, such as DOS, OS/2, Win16/32, and various other nowadays less-common targets.  I don’t believe that Win64 is supported yet.  The Fortran compiler’s available, too, but who uses Fortran any more?


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