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Doctor Who, Episode 2

I’m really torn about the new series.  On one hand, Matt Smith appears to have the potential to be a good Doctor.  Erratic behaviour and disjointed dialog reminiscent of my personal favourite, Tom Baker, are really making the character appealing to me.

On the other hand, there are more than a few little things that I just don’t like about.

Waving the Sonic Screwdriver around and staring at the handle.  The Doctor never just waved it about and looked at it.  Handymen don’t wave a Philips around and look at it.  They unscrew what needs unscrewing (or screw what needs screwing), and put the tool away.

The constant, in-your-face reminder that he’s the last of the Time Lords, even though it’s been shown that he is not, in fact, the last.  There are more out there, somewhere, even if they’re trapped.  (Who’d have thought that Rassilon bears a striking resemblance to James Bond?  Wonder if Omega looks like Roger Moore…)

I also don’t like the bits of dialog where the writer(s) make a big deal over both humanity and the Doctor’s non-human origins.  It’s just forced and artificial feeling.  Any time it comes up, I find myself rolling my eyes while the Doctor extols the virtues (and flaws) of the human race.  The Doctor of my memory never made a big deal about the species of the people he was helping, and never bothered telling them how great they are.

And what’s up with British PMs having a direct line to the TARDIS?  This is just too far out of line with everything that’s come before.  The Doctor’s whole schtick was that 99% of the time he had absolutely no clue where and when he was going to end up.  That was the beauty of the show, how he’d just randomly show up somewhen and save the day.  Having Winnie C call him up… c’mon… C’MON!

Finally, for now at least, I’m not really keen on the scripts themselves.  I get the feeling they’re trying to cater to a more youthful audience, rather than to adults.  Many episodes have dealt with children in one way or another, and the villains of the stories aren’t very scary once they’ve been unmasked.  They need to write some more mature stories, with monsters that are truly monstrous, that do monstrous things.  Not giant space whales.


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