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World of Warcraft Account Scammers

I recently found this waiting in my Hotmail inbox:

This is an automated notification regarding the recent change(s)
made to your World of Warcraft account. When you receive this message when your World Of Warcraft Account means that there are serious security risks.
However,if you did NOT make changes to your password,we recommend you click here Login verify your password.
If you are unable to successfully verify your password .
using the automated system, please contact Billing & Account Services at 1-800-59-BLIZZARD (1-800-592-5499) Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm Pacific Time or at billing@blizzard.com. Account security is solely the responsibility of the account holder.
We encourage you to keep the following security tips in mind when playing a Blizzard game on any computer:
– Use up-to-date firewall, antivirus, and anti-spyware software to scan your system regularly for viruses, Trojans, and key-loggers.
– Keep your operating system and other software up-to-date and be careful when downloading new software.
– Be wary of “spoof” and scam websites and e-mails that pose as Blizzard Entertainment and request account or personal information. As a reminder, Blizzard Entertainment representatives will *never* ask you for your password.
– Use separate, unique passwords for your email, Battle.net account, and any other online accounts.
– Change your passwords regularly and keep Battle.net account information updated using the Account Management page at http://www.battle.net/account
For additional security tips and information, please visit the following site:
– Account Security: http://www.blizzard.com/support/article.xml?articleId=30472
If you are looking for an added layer of security, we currently offer the Blizzard Authenticator, an optional device that can help prevent unauthorized account access. For more information about how the Authenticator works or how to add one to an account, please visit the Blizzard Authenticator FAQ at http://www.blizzard.com/support/article.xml?articleId=30492.

Regards, World of Warcraft Support Team
Blizzard Entertainment

I’ve got to give the dirty bastards some credit, it looks mostly believable but for a few problems.  Most of the links do lead to Blizzard’s site, and the e-mail even cautions one to use up-to-date security and system software.  They even provided me with Blizz’s phone number!  It must be legit!  Oh wait… that first paragraph looks a bit suspicious, even if the rest appears to be proper Blizzard boilerplate copypasta.

Unfortunately, while I do have a WoW account, the e-mail address they’ve sent this to is not the one Blizzard has on file for me.  All of the links in the mail superficially look valid, except for the very first one (“click here”), which actually leads to http://www.worldofwariraft-account.com/.

With however many millions of players WoW is up to now (last count I remember was around 13 million worldwide), surely more than a few are going to receive this e-mail.  Hopefully the recipients will not be the typical MMO players I’ve run in to over the years (y’know, the ones who cannot figure out how to unpack an archive or make a folder for them thar fancy addons, or the ones that never quite manage to configure Ventrilo so that the rest of us only hear what they’re saying, and not their game sounds mixed with whatever shitty music they’re listening to).

On the other hand… if they’re dumb enough to fall for this, they probably deserve what they get, no matter how much I hate hearing/reading them whine about how their account was “hacked”, somehow.

I also really hate it when people use the word “hacked” and “hacker” when they clearly mean “cracked” and “cracker” (no, not white folk, nor the edible kind either), but that’s a whole other rant.


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