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So Long, Slackware…

… kinda.

I still love you, Slackware, but I’m getting old, and as I get older, I get lazier (if that were possible).  I love your beautiful simplicity.  I understand you.  I know where you keep your configuration files, I grok your init system, and in general I know where to go to fix a problem when you’re misbehaving.  I’ve always preferred KDE over Gnome (although I whole-heartedly appreciate the effort that goes into both of them).

But trying to install software for which there is no pre-packaged version readily available, and (more importantly) for which there are no pre-packaged dependencies, is a real pain in the butt.  I’m lazy, I don’t want to spend hours poking around building (and oft-times, rebuilding, and rebuilding again) a dozen libraries before getting to the program I was after in the first place.

So for the time being you will live on in my heart, and in my virtual machines.  My old box is getting a fresh coat of pain in the form of Ubuntu.  I’ve played with it before, but I’m hoping things will go better this time around (two major releases later).  Someday, in some faraway time, I may even be able to shed my dependence on Windows and move entirely to free software.


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