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So Long, Ubuntu…

… hello Kubuntu.

I really wanted to love plain old Ubuntu, but I just do not like Gnome. It looks pretty enough, but there’s too many small things “wrong” that I just don’t find using it a pleasant experience.

First, the two panels, top and bottom.  I know they can be changed, moved and even removed, but the whole idea just smacks of dumb to me, and sets the stage for everything else.

I don’t like the menu layout, the configuration options are limited, and the whole “Applications Places System” setup is annoying. A single menu button with an icon and optional text is what I grew up with, and it’s what I want.

Coming from Slackware, I’m also more familiar with KDE, both in appearance and operation.  I also tend to use more Qt-based apps than GTK (aside from the staples like The Gimp, Pidgin and Firefox). Krusader is my preferred file manager. Yakuake is a nifty drop-down terminal in the style of the Quake console (and better/less buggy than its GTK cousin, Tilda). Amarok’s an okay player, but I prefer the minimalist approach of Audacious (although I prefer foobar2000 over anything else).

Finally, the buttons to minimize, maximize and close a window are in the right places, without having to change any configuration settings.  I don’t know what the Ubuntu devs were thinking when they decided to move them, but let’s just say my opinion of them for that change is not flattering at all.


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