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Bad Nintendo… bad!

While performing my morning ritual of slugging back a coffee, enjoying a cigar and checking Slashdot on my phone (I smoke outside), I read a post entitled “The FSF’s Campaign Against the Nintendo 3DS“, which links to an article on Defective by Design “Brick Nintendo before they brick you!

The short of it is that Nintendo is out of their gourd.  They claim, via their End-User License agreement for the 3DS, to possess a license for everything you do with the device!  This includes any user-information entered into the device, as well as any pictures taken with it.

Needless to say, this is ridiculous.  The only way to express just how ridiculous this is to a big company is by not purchasing their offal.  It’s hard when you have kids that “just gotta have it”, I know, but my household will no longer support Nintendo and their wankery – here we have a ton of their products ranging from the NES, SNES, N64 and GameCube (no Wii, the XBOX360 won that war), to several original mono and colour GameBoys, a pair of GameBoy Advance SPs, and no less than three DS handhelds (one original, two Lites)!

The too long, didn’t read version (tl;dr) is simply this:

Boycott Nintendo, the license for the 3DS is bullshit!

(That’s Penn & Teller, they host hosted a show called Bullshit!)


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