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Windows Service Centre

A few minutes ago I received a phone call (with an unavailable name & number according to Call Display) from an East-Indian sounding woman with a thick and difficult to understand accent claiming to be calling from “Windows Service Centre”, while in the background I could hear many other similar sounding voices making the same pitch to others.  Since when people ask for Mr. Whomever they usually want my father, I asked instead if I could take a message.  Ignoring it, she started on her spiel which I was completely unable to understand due to both her accent and the noise.  I ended up putting the phone down until she’d hung up.

Googling turned up several reports, some quite old, from Australia and the U.K. where people have received similar sounding phone calls.  I’m located in southern Ontario, Canada (the GTA), so it looks like they’re broadening their horizons.  They try to trick you into thinking they’ve somehow found out your computer is full of many nasty malicious virii, and with some remote access (and for a fee of course) they’ll “fix” your computer.  Do not trust them, it’s just another scam.


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