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Configure failing under MinGW

A while back (almost a year, wow), I had problems with Windows 7 “locking” executable files, preventing their deletion and overwriting.  Recently I’ve run in to problems again, specifically when running NASM’s configure script, though I’d imagine it can happen any time.

I believe the Application Experience service is acting up again.  Going through the Windows Event Viewer, there are multiple entries in the System log indicating that the Application Experience service is being started and, approximately 45 seconds later, stopping.  The times coincide with my attempts to run the configure script.  Coincidentally, my display driver just crashed.  Sometimes I really hate computers.

Anyway, we’ve had Windows Vista for five years last month (!), and Windows 7 for just over two years.  I don’t, to my knowledge, run any software that isn’t Windows 7 safe, so disabling the Application Experience service once and for all shouldn’t be an issue at this point.  The problem is that just disabling the service causes problems as mentioned in my previous post on the issue.

A bit more digging around brought me to Black Viper’s entry on the service in question, complete with a description of how to turn off this “feature” entirely.  This needs to be done via the Local Group Policy Editor, a feature which may not be available on all versions of Windows.

Using the Run dialog (WinKey+R), run “gpedit.msc”.  Navigate to Local Computer Policy->Computer Configuration->Administrative Templates->Windows Components->Application Compatibility.  The two settings we’re interested in are “Turn off Application Compatibility Engine” and “Turn off Program Compatibility Assistant Engine”.

All that’s left is to set the Application Experience service to disabled and reboot.

There’s a bevy of additional “tweaks” that can be made with the Policy Editor; Google can be your friend.  Double check before you enable/disable anything!  Also, if you do this, be aware of what you’re installing – make sure you use software that is known to work properly with Windows 7.  Now I’m off to restart.


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