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Media Center Extender Woes

I spent a few hours banging my head in frustration trying to get Windows 7 and my XBox 360 to work together.  Windows Media Center was failing to connect, and not providing any helpful error messages.  I dug through firewall rules, services, the event log viewer, anything I could think of, but nothing was working.

In the event viewer, under Applications and Services Logs -> Media Center, the only slightly helpful error I could find was “Media Center Extender Setup failed as the Extender was detected on the network but the UPnP search for the Extender failed (timed out after 20000ms).

Anyway, long story short, it turns out that if Internet Connection Sharing is in use (which it is, I run an old wired router from my desktop’s ethernet connection to allow my television and blu-ray player to connect to the Internet), Media Center barfs and can’t connect.  So the fix, in my case, was as simple as turning off Internet Sharing on my wireless connection.

I found no documentation on any of Microsoft’s support sites mentioning this as a reason for MCE to not work.  In fact, their troubleshooting documentation is pretty crappy all around.